Privacy and Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

We generally do not issue refunds. If you are unhappy with your enrolment within 14 days of your child’s first day, please contact the Administrative Office and we will work with you on the withdrawal process where only fees incurred will be charged. We may issue a refund for your security deposit placed with us upon withdrawal process observed. Please contact us if you have any issues and we’ll do our best to make sure you are satisfied.

Privacy Policy

Alpine Preschool takes great pride in providing the best early years experience for our children and families. We believe strongly in protecting your information and privacy. Any information you provide is kept in confidence and is secure. We only use your information to conduct our regular operation. We do not sell or share your personal information with advertisers or anyone else. In order to best serve you and allow you to be an active parents throughout your child’s enrolment with us, we collect and use some information about you as described below.

What information do you collect?

We collect information that is typed into forms on the site such as name, address, phone number, product selections, credit card information, etc. We also collect some technical data that your browser shares with us, as it automatically does with all the websites you visit. This information helps us to continually improve the design of our site and allows us to make changes based on your computer operating system, browser, and other technical information. We do not share any of your private information with anyone else. We do not sell or rent your name or personal information with any other group. See the following questions for more details.

Does Alpine Preschool use Cookies?

Yes. Cookies are nothing more than small text files that store information you have already entered into our website. While you visit Alpine Preschool, we store identifying information on some of the settings you have chosen as well as other useful information so that you do not have to retype information when you return. None of this information is shared with anyone else.

How does Alpine Preschool protect my information?

We take all necessary precautions when sending your information across the Internet and storing it on our servers. Protecting the safety of your credit card information is very important to us. We use industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect the security of your credit card information as it is transmitted to us. SSL is the gold standard in Internet encryption technology, which is a fancy way of saying that it’s a sophisticated method of scrambling data as it travels from your computer to our website’s servers. We also use industry standard encryption when storing that sensitive information on our servers.

How do I know my credit card information is secure?

To confirm that you are accessing our secure server when submitting personal financial information, look at the lower right portion of your browser. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending upon your browser), then SSL is active. To double-check for security, look at the URL or navigation search box of your browser. If you have accessed a secure server, the first characters of the address in that line should have changed from “http” to “https”.

Does Alpine Preschool store my credit card information?

No. Alpine Preschool does not keep your credit card number on file. Our payment processors use an innovative and powerful technology that allows Alpine Preschool to accept payments via or payment gateway without ever having to ‘handle’ sensitive card holder information.

Does Alpine Preschool share my information with anyone else?

No. Any information you provide is kept in confidence and is secure. We only use your information to conduct our regular business. We do not sell or share our customers’ personal information with advertisers or anyone else.

How can I contact you?

Phone: +607-283 0077
Alpine Preschool
PTD 196980, Jalan Impian Emas 17,
Taman Impian Emas, 81300 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.