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Be part of the big family who forms the early years learning environment for children

Career with Us

Alpine Preschool is proud to have a team of talents that are passionate about making a difference in children’s lives through tireless dedication to education. Be part of our esteemed team if you have what it takes to a rewarding career


An Internship is an excellent way to get to know Alpine Preschool from the inside and immerse yourself in early childhood education. It can also help you decide what career is right for you. You’ll have full day-to-day involvement in actual projects, selected to match your interests and abilities.

You’ll join the teaching team and work alongside Alpine Preschool team members who are all professionals in their fields. Their perspectives will contribute to your understanding of the demands and rewards of early childhood education.

A mentor will support you directly and you’ll undertake regular assessments throughout your internship to ensure you get the most from the experience.