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Green Spaces for Children

We noticed children are hardly seen in the outdoor here at Johor Bahru. Most kindergartens, preschools, childcare centres, early years learning centres etc here are completely having only an indoor setting. For those who has pockets of outdoor spaces, they were left unused.

We set out wanting to make a difference. Watch this remarkable video by Raising Children Network from Australia to understand the reason outdoor is so important for young children.

So here we are, Alpine Preschool allows children to flourish with mother nature. Equipped with big tropical trees, it allows plenty of shades to enable children to be outside and still stay safe. Our perimeter security is also enhanced with a dedicated security personnel around the clock. We have worked meticulously to allow the best childhood experience for generations to come.

A study in 2019 involving >900,000 people published by PNAS, United States showed that children grow up in lowest levels of green spaces had up to 55% higher risk of developing a psychiatric disorder.

(Source: Residential green space in childhood is associated with lower risk of psychiatric disorders from adolescence into adulthood | PNAS)

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