Prior to your admission, we humbly request for a visit to the school with your child in the schooling hours.

Admission Requirements

The Information You Need to Enroll

While we want to be as inclusive as possible, our teaching force might limit our ability to accept more than we can handle. As such, all Admission Application is subjected to admission approval where a wide variety of factors will be considered. This includes but not limited to:-

Class size capacity

Special needs requirement

Age of child

Dietary/allergic requirement

Withdrawal Process

Your Guide to Withdrawal

Like all things on earth, saying goodbye is an essential part of our relationship. At Alpine Preschool, we value your relationship with us and would request your strict adherence of our withdrawal process where a written notice of a school term must be served to the administrative office prior to withdrawal.

Parting, is a process that was frequently overlooked by parents and can be extremely traumatic to a child’s inner development. A school term, is based on our experience the least amount of time required to ready your child and that of his/her friends’ so that they can do proper goodbye before moving forward. You will help ease your child and that of other child’s ability to deal with loss of their beloved friendship.