In natura autem discite
In nature we learn

Alpine Preschool is a magical place for children where we nourish their creative spirit, kindness, and curiosity for the world every day

Alpine Preschool Curriculum

Playing and exploring

We engage children into learning where their curiosity about our setting is piqued. Playing with what they know, gives them the confidence to be willing to explore on the strange new world they live in.

Active learning

We motivate children to be involved and expand their concentration. Children keep trying and enjoy achieving what they set out to do within the boundary of our curriculum.

Creative and thinking critically

We develop the children’s innovative thinking where children have their own ideas so that they keep making links and choose their ways to do things

Competitive ranking, examination based classroom are bad for children. The APC covers complete learning and development and still focuses on the well being of a child. We provide a rich foundation for child to acknowledge their emotions, acquire skills and competence.



The Components


Only in an enabling environment, your child learns and develops well.

The Components


Every child is always learning and can be remarkable, capable, confident and positive.

Your child is unique.

The Components


Your child learn through positive relationships with everyone.

The Components

Learning and Development

Your child develop in different ways. We ensure they have effective learning by introducing fun and engaging challenges throughout all areas of learning and development.


We embraces the uniqueness of every child with positive relationships and enabling environments to result in learning and development of your child. We see the hundred languages within your child.

You will help define our curriculum by allowing time for meaningful interactions and providing a range of opportunities for individual. Through a unique teaching approach and truly passionate team, we help children to explore wonders and their own potential to the highest level.

The child has a hundred languages

Loris Malaguzzi

The team behind

Mr Yeo

Mr Yeo led the formation of

Alpine Preschool specifically for the vibrant community at Johor Bahru to bring about a meaningful experience for young children here.

He envisages a specially designed facility, huge outdoor spaces, and big mature trees to allow children of this generation to reconnect back with nature.


Ms Erica

Ms Erica’s experience with children in the past decade led her to support children’s development in their appropriate way. It is the job of an educator to discover them out and support the children with love and care.

Ms Erica has contributed as a Principal, a curriculum write and lead techer in her previous experience. 

Ms Shalani

Ms Shalani is an eclectic early years teacher with special focus on demure interaction with children. She strives to enable children to grow supported and understood. 


Ms Shalani has a kind soul, loving to be surrounded by children. She has a natural knack of support a child to journey of development.

Ms Ashley

Ms Ashley was a natural listener in her interaction with children. She holds a BSc of Early Childhood Education and has worked as an intern at Alpine Preschool.

During her internship, she was shortlisted for a permanent position due to her exceptional performance as early years teacher.

Ms Lachemy

Ms Lachemy has worked tirelessly to enable children to stay supported and loved. She has a warm heart and is an avid educator hoping more gain more teaching experience in early years. She has an intuition to connect with children and to support their development in a dedicated manner.

Ms Wan Qi

Ms Wan Qi was a keen and supportive young adult in her work with children. She holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and has volunteered in role playing workshop for children.


In her past experience, she is also exposed to microteaching methodology and approaches with children below 6 years old.