Who We Are

Alpine Preschool was founded to embrace cultural diversity and our unique strength as Malaysians. This is made possible through the Alpine Preschool Curriculum, highly trained teacher, purpose-built learning environment and quality learning materials. Our model is developed specifically to take advantage of the lush tropical greenery, the multilingual and openness of Malaysia. 

​We put Malaysia on the map with high quality early childhood education characterised by creative teacher and refined pedagogical model.

Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein

The Alpine Preschool Advantages

We encapsulate a wide variety of activities to fuel the wildest curiosity of your child.

Outdoor Classroom

Connect with nature

Our signature learning takes place in the expansive gardens within the campus. Learn about many kind of bird chirping, the smell of trees and the breeze of winds brushing the plants.

Your child’s sensory will be further enhanced!


Visit our country

For children, excursions are valuable life’s experience. They introduce the different environments and meaningful ways to spend time with their friends. It creates new learning, growth and development.

We plan our excursions and ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children at all times.

Holiday Camp

Sleepaway adventures

We offer facilitator-led programme for children to a whole new world beyond their comfortable home and school.

In our summer camp, children learn about independence, friendship and pick up a new skill and hobby in this short getaway.

The best early years for your child

Every day at Alpine Preschool is full of amazing learning and life experiences – with our purpose-built campus, huge green spaces and
child-centred approach, we give every child the very best childhood experience. But don’t take our word for it – have a look.